Build a cheap and easy watermaker,
use solar energy to extract drinking water from the air.


It is fun to play with water and solar-energy

With your contribution you might help someone else that needs clean water
You could find a friend on the other side of the world

A cheap reliable source of clean water can contribute to world peace
In many cases the rich steal water from the poor!
/ USA vs Mexico / water conflicts / water disputes

Even extreme atmospheric water-catching is environmetally safe
It is rain-making on the ground.
Excessive pumping or building dams can damage nature.


Ask your teacher in school
Building a water catcher as a school project makes school more interesting
It is about physics, geography, math, chemistry, biology, agriculture, communication, language, antropology, ethics, politics, culture, climate, internet, drawing and drinking ;-)

Anyone can join this challenge
Kids, Farmers, Inventors, Schools, Soccer Teams, Rocket scientist, Cooks, Captains of Industry.

Choose your category ( low cost / village / city / hitec / fun / portable )
Try to break a new record in efficiency or simplicity. All categories are equally important

Give your watermaker a nice name

Remember that co-operation could lead to better results than secrecy.

Use environmentally friendly materials, recycled recyclable
No polluting products or toxic chemicals

 Categories & example ideas

low-tech from natural, recycled or found materials

Solar stills and dew pitts for surivival

Portable under 10kg

Watercone 1.0 to 1.7 Liters of condensed water per day from salty or brackish Water (might work to dehydrate absorbent)

Small 1-2 m2 space, less than 3 m high

Family could be build by a small group

  • Idea: Green-house-roof: small green plants collect water from a hydrophyl zeolite-loaded soil on a roof. Under the roof, fresh air can flow at night to moisture the soil. Plant roots will transport water to the leaves where it will evaporate during the day. Condense will form under air tight foil or glass cover.
  • Hi-tec to show off or get your brand name in the news 

  • idea: combine commercially available PV and dehumifier: challengepv1.html
    4liter/day - $0.29/liter - $4300/10y
  • idea: Use a concentrated PV-cell to power a Peltier cooler to cool a condensing coil.
    Use the low temperature of condensed water to precool inlet air
    max theoretical energy efficiency 10% !
  • idea: Use a solarconcentrator to power a thermoacoustical stirling engine to cool a condensor.
    Use the low temperature of condensed water to precool inlet air
    max theoretical energy efficiency 9% !
  • Large scale for villages, refugee camps
  • idea: absorb moisture at night in zeolite, and cook it out with concentrated sunlight. Recycle heat in heat exchangers.
  • idea: a transparent plastic dew tent is left open at night and closed tight during the day
    in the tent, a mix of zeolite and charcoal is put on an elevated plate of polystyreen to absorb moisture at night, and absorb sunlight during the day
    moisture is than evaporated and condensed on the platic near or on the ground

  • To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. (Alex)

    todo list:

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