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Build a cheap and easy watermaker,
that uses solar energy to extract drinking water from the atmosphere.
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Sustainable Energy


WSSCC Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council for poor people around the world.
SODIS solar water disinfection FOR FREE !
wot.utwente.nl Working Group On Development Techniques
epa.gov US environmental protection agency - about ground water
www.solarserver.de/... Non-profit Solar organisations

Water absorbents
Silicagel op wikipedia
Google search for desiccant wheel
news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english Weather "control powder" makes storm clouds loose water

Solar cooling with zeolith
Zeolite is a mineral that can absorbe large quantities of water
Clinoptilolite is available at about $200 a ton 0.09 g/g
Chabazite 0.27 g/g
MgSO4x7H2O 1.05 g/g
Solar-Kühlung (in german)
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Koude lots of links about cooling

Irrigation and hydroponics
Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water instead of soil.
Hydroponic agriculture can recycle nutrient solution in the watering process; it needs about 1/20th the water while producing up to six times the yield in less than 1/3 the space and does not require soil or contribute to soil erosion.
carbon.org/ Institute for simplified hydroponics

Water collecting with windpower
Skydrops.... water collecting balloon concept

Fog Harvesting
news.bbc.... fog collecting fences in Peru
Fog harp study

Rain machines
Steven Salter from Edinburgh University designed a large seawater spayer to help evaporation
news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english. Weather "control powder" makes storm clouds loose water

Solar still
Watercone 1.0 to 1.5 Liters of condensed water per day from salty or brackish Water
floating salt-water- Solar still
Solar stills and dew pitts for surivival

Solar desalination
emf.nl water sanitation
Memstill - low cost membrane distillation technology for seawater desalination Brochure PDF
solardew.com use membranes and solar heat to desalinate or filtrate pdf info
jwrd.iwaponline.com/.. Seawater desalination with solar-energy-integrated vacuum membrane distillation system

Filtering and detoxification
SODIS solar disinfection FOR FREE !
Belu Belu sells bottled water and funds clean water projects

Commercial drinking water from the air
watermakerindia.com .4 kWh/l 30-1000 l/day

industrial dehydrating
Heatpipe.com Dehumidifiers
www.allproducts.com/usa/nyle/l-300.html elecric 8kW 191 liter/day (upto 1500l /day)
Low Temp. Dehumidification Systems - L-50, L-200 4kW 104 liter/day

physorg.com transparent anticondens coating
www.lotusan.de water-repellant coating, using microstructure like a lotus-leave

Tech info
Formulae Tables, materials, calculators
Thermodynamics engineering toolbox
Downloadable Files from TRNSYS page
http://sel.me.wisc.edu/trnsys/trnlib/auxheat.htmTRNSYS Heating and Cooling Components (sim-software)
Scitation.org Scientific publications

Patents and idea banks
!warning! a granted patent does not mean that the invention is actually working!!
patsnap.com free patents server
Google.com/patents free patents server
neat patents on delphion and how to read them for free
European patent office
www.uspto.gov free info from US patent and trademark office: example group 633
Esp@cenet (nl) free us and worldwide patent info
Esp@cenet(en) free us and worldwide patent info example: IPC-code E03B3/28 or B01D5/00
US5048600 condensor using both film-wise and drop-wise condensation
Lemelson MIT foundation
Wipo.int World Intellectual Property Organization
Inventhelp.com The Invent Help PeopleThe Invent Help People
www.uitvinders.nlgratis ideeen van uitvinders
Sunidee.com nederlands innovatiebureau

Patent-free idea banks
Don Lancaster's Patent Avoidance Library

Play Pump
playpumps.co.za Children's roundabout solves the water problem in remote areas.

Inventions and developement
demotech Reinder van Tijen /rope pump/ ram pump /public licence
Working Group On Development Techniques universiteit van Twente met low-tec proefprojecten



www.knmi.nl Klimatologische dienst ma-vr 030 2206 850

Solar cells and plants ( PV - Photo Voltaic)
NREL latest solar cell research efficiency chart
unsw.edu.au PV engineering
Solar electric library (photovoltaics)
solarbuzz Price watcher
pvcostconvergence USA solar cost calculator
DsireUSA PV cost / tax calculator
specmat SiOx coating
pyronsolar.com/ floating pv concentrating plant. system price: $3 per watt

Solar panels and plants ( PT - Thermal )
trnsys PT solar sim software
Theorie Organic Rankine Cycle
Stichting GEZEN
Solar chimney combines greenhouse, and solar plant
psa.es Large solar power plant in Spain combines power generation and desalination
psa.es..parabolicos.. Linear-focusing Concentrator Facilities (Parabolic trough)
siltint.comhi tec optical coatings
solgels.com black crystal absorber (BC5 $15/l) and ar coating (5SB-1 $450/l) a=0.93-0.95 E=0.07-0.09
solec.org selective spay coatings: absorbtion .88 - .94 Emissivity .28 - .49
solchrome.com Industrial PLATED SOLAR SELECTIVE COATING a= 0.96 0.02 E= 0.12 0.02
usyd.edu.au Solar Selective Absorber Coatings Research E= 0.03 ?
MIRO 27 95% reflective mirror 0.2-0.5mm <$10/m2
Solar Heat Storage
SOLARSTORAGE 1 kg of magnesium-hydride MgH2 can store 0.8 kWh (2880 kJ/kg) of medium-temperature
Rubitherm.comPCM Phase Change Materials for many temps (latent heat upto 245 kJ/kg) vs ice-water 333 kJ/kg

Solar concentrators
Redrok.com tons of info about solarenergy, concentrators and heliostats (trackers)
non-imaging optics

Solar cooking
www.littlecolorado.org/solar.htm food-dehydrating with solar energy
www.i4at.org/surv/soldehyd.htm food-dehydrating with solar energy
solarcooking.org plans, box/panel/parabolic, water pasteurization,
solarcookers.org plans, box/panel/parabolic, water pasteurization,
Solar-Kühlung Solar COOLING with zeolite (in german)

Heat transfer
www.thermacore.comheatpipes conduct heat better than solid metal
thermopedia over heatpipes
peltiercoolers 12706 solid state electrical heat pump 12-15V, 60W 40x40mm pdf pdf

Environmentally friendly Insulation


Stirling motor also called Sterling engine
A stirling motor is a closed system that converts heat flow into mechanical work.
Most stirling motors can also work as a heat pump and convert mechanical work into heat flow (cooling and heating)
Stirlingmotor.com modellen
Eurodish Solar Dish + stirling motors produce record efficiency in Spain
newenergyshop.com/....stirling toys
globalcooling.nl Free-Piston Stirling Cooler
Stirling motor theory !!
Huber Stierhof moving cylinder stirling motors
comptune.com/tincan.php animation
canterbury.ac.nz/../testube.pdf test tube stirling engine (fun)
stirlingengines.org.uk collection of sites and links
Stirling.html animations
bekkoame.ne.jp/~khirata Koichi Hirata's site for model and professional stirling engines.
0.01Mpa, 36000 cm3, 19&18deg C, Air >>>> max 0.1Watt / 60rpm (very large clock on room temp dif)
Quasiturbine Stirling Engine - Rotary Hot Air Motor - Heat Pump
Circular Stirling Engine Concept

ThermoAcoustic-Stirling Heat Engine (TASHE)
US 5901556: High-efficiency heat-driven acoustic cooling engine with no moving parts
WO2013084830A1: Thermoacoustic engine JP

A Vortex Tube is a device with no moving parts that will convert a stream of compressed air into two streams; one hot and one cold.
It can produce cold air down to -50 degrees F. and hot air up to 260 degrees F, but is very energy consuming
filtran gas-water separator

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